Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Supported GPU datasheet DS-GPUX-0001 v1.1 December 2020 (PDF) AmuletHotkey_Supported_GPU_DS-GPUX-0001.pdf 78KB Download
CoreCard Field Replacement Guide QS-MX7K-0010 v1.1 December 2020 (PDF) CoreCard_Quick_Start_Guide_QS-MX7K-0010.pdf 6856KB Download
MX7000 CoreModule Datasheet DS-MX7K-0001 v1.2 December 2020 (PDF) CoreModule_Datasheet_DS-MX7K-0001.pdf 1584KB Download
MX7000 Quick Start Guide QS-MX7K-0001 v2.4 December 2020 (PDF) CoreModule_QS-MX7K-0001.pdf 4378KB Download
Fan Module Field Replacement Guide QS-MX7K-0020 v1.0 February 2021 (PDF) Fan_Module_Field_Replacement_Guide_QS-MX7K-0020.pdf 2087KB Download
TSB 001 - MX7000 Chassis Auto discovery mechanism is impeded when Amulet Mezzanine cards are installed in SLEDs TS-B000-0001 v1.0 (PDF) TSB_001_MX7000_Chassis_auto_discovery_mechanism_TS-B000-0001.pdf 298KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

There are currently no files for this section.

Software and Drivers

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File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Certificate of Quality (PDF) Certificate_of_Quality.pdf 36KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - Ozone (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_Ozone.pdf 33KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - TSCA (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_TSCA.pdf 56KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - REACH (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_REACH.pdf 47KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - RoHS (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_RoHS.pdf 39KB Download
Product Warranty Statement (PDF) Product_Warranty_Statement.pdf 205KB Download
Product Warranty Table (PDF) Product_Warranty_Table.pdf 120KB Download


There are currently no files for this section.

Other Languages

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
MX7000 CoreModule Datasheet DS-MX7K-0001-KO v1.1 December 2020 (PDF) MX7000_CoreModule_Datasheet_DS-MX7K-0001-KO.pdf 1668KB Download
MX7000 CoreModule Quick Start Guide in Russian QS-MX7K-0001-RU v1.3 December 2020 (PDF) MX7000_CoreModule_Quick_Start_Guide_Russian_QS-MX7K-0001-RU.pdf 14433KB Download
MX7000 Quick Start Guide (Korean) QS-MX7K-0001-KO v1.3 December 2020 (PDF) MX7000_Quick_Start_Guide_Korean_QS-MX7K-0001-KO.pdf 4414KB Download

Knowledge Base Articles

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
KBA 158 - How to use the fan update utility script for MX7000 fans KB-A000-0158 v1.0 April 2021 (PDF) KBA_158_How_to_use_the_fan_update_utility_script_for_MX7000_fans_KB-A000-0158.pdf 245KB Download
KBA 159 - Update MX7000 CoreModule firmware with a script KB-A000-0159 v1.0 April 2021 (PDF) KBA_159_Update_MX7000_CoreModule_firmware_with_a_script_KB-A000-0159.pdf 233KB Download

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