Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Supported GPU datasheet DS-GPUX-0001 v1.1 December 2020 (PDF) AmuletHotkey_Supported_GPU_DS-GPUX-0001.pdf 78KB Download
Configuration Manual HB-CONF-0001 v1.5 December 2020 (PDF) Configuration_Manual_HB-CONF-0001.pdf 4304KB Download
CoreStation FX2 Trader Workstation Solutions Brief SB-FX20-TW01 v1.1 August 2020 (PDF) CoreStation_FX2_Trader_Workstation_SB-FX20-TW01.pdf 2647KB Download
DXF-EXP Quad-Expansion Module Quick Start Guide QS-DXFE-0001 v1.4 December 2020 (PDF) DXF-EXP-V_QSG_QS-DXFE-0001.pdf 1578KB Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 June 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_June_2021.pdf 456KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
iDRAC ( for FC630 (ZIP) (ZIP) 222226KB dce6b3378a11fa4a63c2b694bf550eca0a1aa139e0ceb32d5d556b18c7963831 Download

Software and Drivers

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Tesla P6 Driver 426.23 for Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 16328KB d94d756c66c5338865a3b673ff902a7a47a55ce0b5aae7832c806b1fcd226a29 Download
Chipset Driver Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 7465KB c1c4e88750f608364db25fd8931fa541f76a4567a15e5733512e478df566295a Download
Qlogic Broadcom Network Driver for the 57810 35.07.00_A00-00 Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 46680KB 122a84954a9fa56a577d3bd6f32da4de1828ca4fa7c33afbda9c69775c7e1923 Download
P3000 FC640 Win10 driver 461.72 (ZIP) 483249KB d39021c4605e178fea49cc65c9b4236593c68dcfd4e0e543267bd1ab1eeda97d Download
Perc H330/H730/H830 Driver 6.604.06.00_A05_04 Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 8167KB 31af32e467c2866dad31c013ffc4d60e0928b7edba54d35330f0579145a053cf Download


There are currently no files for this section.


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Certificate of Quality (PDF) Certificate_of_Quality.pdf 36KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - Ozone (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_Ozone.pdf 33KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - TSCA (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_TSCA.pdf 56KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - REACH (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_REACH.pdf 47KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - RoHS (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_RoHS.pdf 39KB Download
Amulet Hotkey Generic Legislation Sheet LS-AHKL-0001 v4.1 November 2020 (PDF) Generic_legislation_sheet_LS-AHKL-0001.pdf 645KB Download
Product Warranty Statement (PDF) Product_Warranty_Statement.pdf 205KB Download
Product Warranty Table (PDF) Product_Warranty_Table.pdf 120KB Download


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Chipset Driver Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 6908KB 11e91d7fdef0965faa627a4e3e2af3221d6578eeddba2a8b8d07067071573654 Download
iDRAC ( for FC630 (ZIP) (ZIP) 217765KB a61a6aceda451023970dd8a63b69e48b413d78d3503eab43321971e41bab19d5 Download
iDRAC ( for FC630 (ZIP) (ZIP) 222061KB 15add2b7b1f7b697081d7347d977650a6c3e1271e0aea0641d540f12effcb185 Download
Intel Network Driver 18.8.0 _A00 Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 78507KB b8d4b9fbaee572b458b203a5035be9770cdac58cd34317f4c9e906595a123b1f Download
NVIDIA P5000 Quadro driver 461.09 for Win10 (ZIP) (ZIP) 484285KB d7d946937c342a801d3b47d606ed393c650a55ee397d448824eb086b9d03c509 Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 April 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_April_2021.pdf 449KB Download
TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_February_2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_February_2021.pdf 460KB Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 March 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_March_2021.pdf 452KB Download
TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3_28_May_2021 (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3_28_May_2021.pdf 459KB Download

Other Languages

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 057-KO Disable Temporal Dithering on macOS and OS X in KOREAN v1.0 August 2020 (PDF) AN_057-KO_Disable_Temporal_Dithering_on_macOS.pdf 870KB Download

Knowledge Base Articles

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 078 Event logs on PCoIP hosts and zero clients v1.3 May 2020 (PDF) AN_078_Event_logs_on_PCoIP_hosts_and_zero_clients.pdf 508KB Download
KBA -150 Upgrade Advisory for Teradici Firmware KB-A000-0150 v1.4 October 2020 (PDF) KBA_150-Upgrade_for_Teradici_Firmware_KB-A000-0150.pdf 582KB Download

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