Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 053 Zero Client Cooling Considerations (PDF) AN_053_Zero_Client_Cooling_Considerations_v1_1.pdf 150KB Download
DXR4-iP Quick Start Guide (PDF) DXR4-iP_QSG.pdf 145KB Download
Tera1 Zero Clients Manual (PDF) Tera1_Zero_Clients_Manual.pdf 1724KB Download
Tera1 Zero Client Datasheet (PDF) Tera1_Zero_Client_Datasheet.pdf 192KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

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Software and Drivers

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File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Certificate of Quality (PDF) Certificate_of_Quality.pdf 36KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - Ozone (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_Ozone.pdf 33KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - TSCA (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_TSCA.pdf 56KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - REACH (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_REACH.pdf 47KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - RoHS (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_RoHS.pdf 39KB Download
Amulet Hotkey Generic Legislation Sheet LS-AHKL-0001 v4.1 November 2020 (PDF) Generic_legislation_sheet_LS-AHKL-0001.pdf 645KB Download
Product Warranty Statement (PDF) Product_Warranty_Statement.pdf 205KB Download
Product Warranty Table (PDF) Product_Warranty_Table.pdf 120KB Download
Statement of memory volatility - DXR4-iP (PDF) Statement_of_memory_volatility_-_CA-DSR4-0001_-_DXR4-iP_Zero_client.pdf 297KB Download
UL details - DXR4-iP (PDF) UL_details_-_CA-DSR4-0001_-_DXR4-iP_Powersolve_PSU.pdf 263KB Download


There are currently no files for this section.

Other Languages

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
KBA 144 - Disable temporal dithering on Windows in KOREAN KB-A000-0144-KO v1.0 August 2020 (PDF) KBA_144_Disable_temporal_dithering_on_Windows_KOREAN_KB-A000-0144-KO.pdf 428KB Download

Knowledge Base Articles

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 045 Setting up the DXR4-iP for use with a DXM6 Blade (PDF) AN_045_Setting_up_the_DXR4-iP_for_use_with_a_DXM6_Blade_v4.pdf 1690KB Download
AN 051 Accessing two remote workstations with a single DXR4-iP (PDF) AN_051_Accessing_2_remote_workstations_with_a_single_DXR4-iP.pdf 1506KB Download
AN 078 Event logs on PCoIP hosts and zero clients v1.3 May 2020 (PDF) AN_078_Event_logs_on_PCoIP_hosts_and_zero_clients.pdf 508KB Download
KBA 144 Disable temporal dithering on Windows May 2018 (PDF) KBA_144_Disable_temporal_dithering_on_Windows_May_2018.pdf 154KB Download
KBA -150 Upgrade Advisory for Teradici Firmware KB-A000-0150 v1.4 October 2020 (PDF) KBA_150-Upgrade_for_Teradici_Firmware_KB-A000-0150.pdf 582KB Download

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