Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
KVM Extender Mouse drift 14th December 2018 (PDF) 1_KVM_Extender_Mouse_drift_14_12_2018.pdf 124KB Download
Amulet Hotkey Product Notice Teradici All-Access Program 10th May 2018 (PDF) Amulet_Hotkey_Product_Notice_Teradici-All-Access-Program_5_10_2018.pdf 831KB Download
DXT-H4 Datasheet DS-THA4-1110 v1.4 June 2019 (PDF) DXT-H4_Datasheet.pdf 2193KB Download
DXT-H4 QSG QS-THA4-1110 v1.4 October 2018 (PDF) DXT-H4_QSG_QS-THA4-1110.pdf 2753KB Download
DXT-H4 user manual HB-THA4-1110 v1.5 June 2019 (PDF) DXT-H4_user_manual_HB-THA4-1110.pdf 4216KB Download
KBA 137 - Management commands for Quad Display KVM Extender Hosts KB-A000-0137 v1.3 May 2019 (PDF) KBA_137-Management_commands_KB-A000-0137.pdf 492KB Download
KBA 138 - How to update the firmware in quad-display KVM Extender Hosts (PDF) KBA_138-Update_firmware_KB-A000-0138.pdf 315KB Download
KBA 139 - Initial VMware configuration for quad-display KVM Extender Hosts (PDF) KBA_139_Initial_VMware_config_for_KVM_Extender_Hosts_KB-A000-0139.pdf 238KB Download
KBA 144 Disable temporal dithering on Windows May 2018 (PDF) KBA_144_Disable_temporal_dithering_on_Windows_May_2018.pdf 154KB Download
KVM_Extender_Firmware_Release_Notes_1.12.2 (PDF) KVM_Extender_Firmware_Release_Notes_1.12.2.pdf 813KB Download
Signed EU Declaration of conformity for DXR-H4 & DXT-H4 KVM Extender Hosts AHK-C001074 (PDF) Signed_EU_Declaration_of_conformity.pdf 20KB Download
Statement of memory volatility - DXR-H4 and DXT-H4 KVM Extenders AHK-C001073 (PDF) Statement_of_memory_volatility_AHK-C001073.pdf 338KB Download
Customer Documentation Suite HB-DOCS-0001 v1.0 June 2019 (PDF) _Customer_Documentation_Suite_HB-DOCS-0001.pdf 3137KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Firmware v1.12.2 package for T2 KVM Extender Hosts (ZIP) (ZIP) 275228KB c337a09c10fb3d3e2a7c01b9267046ea5a64d2eeb02f0f183baf4905d730b269 Download

Software and Drivers

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
PuTTY v0.71 32-bit & 64-bit executable files (ZIP) 4537KB c0fba002aaf22e1c37b72c87ab706d3dbbffd2383c1c91bfb6f5e8288ea8b96c Download
TFTP Client TFTPD64-4_60 (ZIP) 577KB a714a5fba256b1e851e850a801b6848766af90e0875146b0ad619218f1197155 Download


There are currently no files for this section.


There are currently no files for this section.


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
KVM Extender Firmware - Release Notes 1.12.1 (PDF) KVM_Extender_Firmware_Release_Notes_1_12_1.pdf 248KB Download
Firmware v1.12.1 package for T2 KVM Extender Hosts (ZIP) 326712KB 83df620f6cbb9df9b5a73d45c3832cda84c51802832f245cb57bc5426a1101fd Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.25 December 2018 (PDF) technote_3-25_Dec_18.pdf 339KB Download

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