Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 026 Installing a DXR2 K4u with Dealing 3000 (PDF) AN_026_Installing_a_DXR2_K4u_Dealing_3000.pdf 132KB Download
AN 040 Installing a DXR2 with a K4u for Dealing 3000 Reuters D3D keyboard (PDF) AN_040_Installing_a_DXR2_with_a_K4u_for_Dealing_3000-REUTERS_D3D_KYBD.pdf 133KB Download
AN 043 Compatibilty K4 Controller PSU (PDF) AN_043_Compatibility_K4_Controller_PSU.pdf 306KB Download
DXR2 Datasheet (PDF) DXR2_Datasheet.pdf 303KB Download
DXR2 Manual (PDF) DXR2_Manual.pdf 484KB Download
DXR2 Quick Start Guide (PDF) DXR2_QSG.pdf 805KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

There are currently no files for this section.

Software and Drivers

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File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Certificate of Quality FM-COMT-0008 v1.0 April 2020 (PDF) Certificate_of_Quality.pdf 36KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - REACH FM-COMT-0002 v1.0 April 2020 (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_REACH.pdf 47KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - RoHS FM-COMT-0001 v1.0 April 2020 (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_RoHS.pdf 39KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - Ozone FM-COMT-0006 v1.0 April 2020 (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-__Ozone.pdf 33KB Download


There are currently no files for this section.

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