Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products



File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Supported GPU datasheet DS-GPUX-0001 v1.1 December 2020 (PDF) AmuletHotkey_Supported_GPU_DS-GPUX-0001.pdf 78KB Download
Configuration Manual HB-CONF-0001 v1.5 December 2020 (PDF) Configuration_Manual_HB-CONF-0001.pdf 4304KB Download
CoreStation VM640 Datasheet DS-VM64-0001 v1.2 December 2020 (PDF) CoreStation-VM640_Datasheet.pdf 924KB Download
DXG QSG (14G) Dual Slot QS-DXMG-0002 v1.3 December 2020 (PDF) DXG-14G_QSG.pdf 5091KB Download
DXG-P6 Datasheet DS-DXMG-0006 v 1.5 December 2020 (PDF) DXG-P6_Datasheet_DS-DXMG-0006.pdf 2977KB Download
KBA 140 - Install a DXG-P6 in a M640 blade (PDF) KBA_140.pdf 798KB Download
Product Notice Meltdown Spectre 7th June 2018 (PDF) Product_Notice_Meltdown-Spectre_9-Jan-2018.pdf 500KB Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 June 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_June_2021.pdf 456KB Download

Firmware and BIOS

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
CMC Chassis Management Controller (v6.21) (ZIP) (ZIP) 28476KB 43e609ccbe40386d7f21fe8649194da616df06347bf0c427da129f6bae584698 Download
iDRAC ( for M640 (ZIP) (ZIP) 408342KB 478509438f0f7bc8b10fb8167f1976bbf444ea21328a13c21f2933f9ff0be75f Download

Software and Drivers

There are currently no files for this section.


There are currently no files for this section.


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Certificate of Quality (PDF) Certificate_of_Quality.pdf 36KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - Ozone (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_Ozone.pdf 33KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - TSCA (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_-_TSCA.pdf 56KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - REACH (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_REACH.pdf 47KB Download
Declaration of Conformity - RoHS (PDF) Declaration_of_Conformity_RoHS.pdf 39KB Download
Amulet Hotkey Generic Legislation Sheet LS-AHKL-0001 v4.1 November 2020 (PDF) Generic_legislation_sheet_LS-AHKL-0001.pdf 645KB Download
Product Warranty Statement (PDF) Product_Warranty_Statement.pdf 205KB Download
Product Warranty Table (PDF) Product_Warranty_Table.pdf 120KB Download


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
Chipset Driver K47PX for 14G M-Series PowerEdge Blade, Windows 10 (64-bit) v10.1.2.85_A00 (ZIP) 6440KB e47cddffe3430181b4241d6fd31917e2e7a12a37e146a9fbc1418df84c6f0427 Download
CMC Chassis Management Controller (v6.20) (ZIP) (ZIP) 27244KB cc60eda10373ee1bb218fe80a22672eba096454c37889443a56125769b594650 Download
iDRAC ( for M640 (ZIP) (ZIP) 203151KB d6e92a26d0641c08d8e998e3539e3ba51a10dfb2717ec95240a886c6b8b0b4a3 Download
iDRAC ( for M640 (ZIP) (ZIP) 315462KB 3abd59abbae8c9691feca20b85bb8392cc4d93fe1a0994f7fa42d40920b5553a Download
iDRAC ( for M640 (ZIP) (ZIP) 324062KB d02a79513fe8efc21dea5786d481916ce1808e73010c82a42c81dab773e5c16c Download
iDRAC ( for M640 (ZIP) (ZIP) 481190KB 209a08ed8f15a0bee8cdfe43999fc32c6e7530cb9126e1b60d99ef4df87f928f Download
SAS RAID Driver 56C6W for 14G M-Series PowerEdge Blade Windows 10 WN64 (6.603.07.00_A00) (ZIP) 9699KB f5b5499b364ade2271ec11458c4b2571e945c473bf7598eade103357e789d60b Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 April 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_April_2021.pdf 449KB Download
TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_February_2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_February_2021.pdf 460KB Download
TechNote DXM blade BIOS firmware and drivers v3.28 March 2021.pdf (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3.28_March_2021.pdf 452KB Download
TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3_28_May_2021 (PDF) TechNote_DXM_blade_BIOS_firmware_and_drivers_v3_28_May_2021.pdf 459KB Download

Other Languages

There are currently no files for this section.

Knowledge Base Articles

File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 078 Event logs on PCoIP hosts and zero clients v1.3 May 2020 (PDF) AN_078_Event_logs_on_PCoIP_hosts_and_zero_clients.pdf 508KB Download
KBA 113 - Set up VDI for the T4, DXG-M6, DXG-P6 and DXF-G cards v3.3 September 2020 (PDF) KBA_113_Set_up_VDI_for_T4_P6_DXG-M6_DXG-P6_DXF-G_KB-A000-0113.pdf 1411KB Download

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