Important product notice: Teradici All Access Program and Amulet Hotkey Guidance


Important product notice: Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities and impact on Amulet Hotkey products


File Type Size SHA-256 Download
AN 021 K4u and Bloomberg keyboard (PDF) AN_021_K4u_and_Bloomberg_KB.pdf 531KB Download
AN 022 K4u sharing (PDF) AN_022_K4u_Sharing_Rev2.pdf 324KB Download
AN 023 Cascading the K4u (PDF) AN_023_Cascading_the_K4u.pdf 477KB Download
AN 024 Cascading the KMD3 (PDF) AN_024_kmd3_cascade.pdf 229KB Download
AN 025 Using an AKP-tr to interface a D3-KP device to a D3000 Keystation (PDF) AN_025_Using_an_akP-tr_to_Interface_a_D3-KP_a_3rd_Party_Device_to_a_D3000_Keystation.pdf 55KB Download
AN 026 Installing a DXR2 K4u with Dealing 3000 (PDF) AN_026_Installing_a_DXR2_K4u_Dealing_3000.pdf 132KB Download
AN 027 Mouse Point installation on Linux (PDF) AN_027_MousePoint_Installation_on_Linux.pdf 257KB Download
AN 028 DeTwo video performance (PDF) AN_028_DeTwo_Video_Performance.pdf 92KB Download
AN 029 DeTwo NVIDIA GeForce Driver Performance Modification (PDF) AN_029_DeTwo_NVIDIA_GeForce_Driver_Mod_v2.pdf 1039KB Download
AN 030 Twin K4u cascade for controlling 7 PCs (PDF) AN_030_Twin_Cascade_for_Controlling_7_PCs.pdf 422KB Download
AN 031 Upgrading the K4u firmware (PDF) AN_031_How_to_Upgrade_the_K4u_Firmware.pdf 955KB Download
AN 032 K4u multi-protocol capabilities (PDF) AN_032_K4u_Multi-Protocol_Capabilities.pdf 1488KB Download
AN 033 Installing Windows XP 64 on a Dell 1955 (PDF) AN_033_Installing_XP_64_on_a_Dell_1955.pdf 84KB Download
AN 034 Using a Dell PowerEdge 1955 Blade in a PowerEdge 1855 chassis (PDF) AN_034_Using_a_Dell_Poweredge_1955_Blade_in_a_Poweredge_1855_Chassis.pdf 216KB Download
AN 035 Windows Vista support using DeTwo PCI extension technology (PDF) AN_035_Windows_Vista_Support_using_DeTwo_PCI_Extension_Technology.pdf 669KB Download
AN 036 Effects on sharing status and active channel LEDs when cascading K4u units (PDF) AN_036_How_the_Sharing_Status_and_Active_Channel_LEDs_are_affected_when_Cascading_the_K4u.pdf 1384KB Download
AN 037 DeTwo Extended PCI Bus Performance (PDF) AN_037_DeTwo_Extended_PCI_Bus_Performance.pdf 150KB Download
AN 038 Upgrading the DX Series firmware (PDF) AN_038_How_to_upgrade_the_DX_Series_Firmware.pdf 401KB Download
AN 039 Integrating a KMD3 and DX Series products (PDF) AN_039_Integrating_a_kmd3_and_DX_Series_Products.pdf 497KB Download
AN 040 Installing a DXR2 with a K4u for Dealing 3000 Reuters D3D keyboard (PDF) AN_040_Installing_a_DXR2_with_a_K4u_for_Dealing_3000-REUTERS_D3D_KYBD.pdf 133KB Download
AN 041 Triple K4u cascade for controlling 8 computers (PDF) AN_041_Triple_cascade_for_controlling_8_computers.pdf 195KB Download
AN 042 Installing Windows XP on an M600 10G (PDF) AN_042_Installing_XP_on_M600_10G.pdf 42KB Download
AN 043 Compatibilty K4 Controller PSU (PDF) AN_043_Compatibility_K4_Controller_PSU.pdf 306KB Download
AN 044 Using a white-ended Bloomberg USB keyboard with a DeTwo receiver (PDF) AN_044_Using_a_white-ended_Bloomberg_USB_kybd_with_Detwo.pdf 386KB Download
AN 045 Setting up the DXR4-iP for use with a DXM6 Blade (PDF) AN_045_Setting_up_the_DXR4-iP_for_use_with_a_DXM6_Blade_v4.pdf 1690KB Download
AN 046 Using Amulet Hotkey portals in a VMware View 4 environment (PDF) AN_046_Using_Amulet_Hotkey_Portals_in_a_VMware_View_4_environment.pdf 419KB Download
AN 047 Deploying the DXPC card in quad-head applications (PDF) AN_047_Deploying_the_DXPC_card_in_quad-head_applications.pdf 775KB Download
AN 048 Updating DeTwo firmware (PDF) AN_048_Updating_DeTwo_Firmware_v1_02-10.pdf 100KB Download
AN 049 Updating the PCoIP Firmware (PDF) AN_049_Updating_PCoIP_Firmware_v1_02-10.pdf 129KB Download
AN 050 Running XP32 on a dual processor 11G blade (PDF) AN_050_Running_XP32_on_a_dual_processor_11g_blade.pdf 147KB Download
AN 051 Accessing two remote workstations with a single DXR4-iP (PDF) AN_051_Accessing_2_remote_workstations_with_a_single_DXR4-iP.pdf 1506KB Download
AN 052 Amulet Hotkey VM Monitor (PDF) AN_052_Amulet_Hotkey_VM_Monitor_v1-3.pdf 167KB Download
AN 053 Zero Client Cooling Considerations (PDF) AN_053_Zero_Client_Cooling_Considerations_v1_1.pdf 150KB Download
AN 054 K4u SaverSync (PDF) AN_054_K4u_SaverSync_v2_2.pdf 213KB Download
AN 055 DXPC diagnostic LEDs (PDF) AN_055_DXPC_Diagnostic_LEDs.pdf 320KB Download
AN 056 K4u updated firmware (PDF) AN_056_K4u_updated_firmware.pdf 148KB Download
AN 057-KO Disable Temporal Dithering on macOS and OS X in KOREAN v1.0 August 2020 (PDF) AN_057-KO_Disable_Temporal_Dithering_on_macOS.pdf 870KB Download
AN 057 Disable Temporal Dithering on macOS and OS X v3.2 August 2020 (PDF) AN_057_Temporal_Dithering_on_macOS.pdf 622KB Download
AN 057 Disable Temporal Dithering on macOS and OS X v3.3 August 2021 (PDF) AN_057_Temporal_Dithering_on_macOSpdf.pdf 642KB Download
AN 058 T2 host firmware updates (PDF) AN_058_T2_Host_firmware_updates_v1.pdf 174KB Download
AN 059 BSM firmware updates for DXZ4 and DXZ4-M (PDF) AN_059_BSM_firmware_updates_for_DXZ4_v2_4.pdf 321KB Download
AN 060 K4u and K4u+ Support for Bloomberg Keyboard 4 (STB100) (PDF) AN_060_K4uPlus_and_K4u_Support_for_STB100_v1_4.pdf 196KB Download
AN 063 Disable temporal dithering on DXM blades (PDF) AN_063_Disable_temporal_dithering_on_DXM_blades_v2_0.pdf 107KB Download
AN 064 Display Issues on Tera2 Systems (PDF) AN_064_Display_Issues_on_Tera2_Systems_v1_3.pdf 309KB Download
AN 065 Replacing an Interconnect PCB (PDF) AN_065_Replacing_an_Interconnect_PCB_v1_3.pdf 493KB Download
AN 066 Updating K4u K4vu and K4u+ firmware (PDF) AN_066_Updating_K4u_K4vu_K4uPlus_firmware_v1_2.pdf 234KB Download
AN 067 System Profiles on DXM Blades (PDF) AN_067_System_Profiles_on_DXM_Blades_v1_1.pdf 123KB Download
AN 068 DBX Smart-Loom Installation v1_0 (PDF) AN_068_DBX_Smart_Loom_Installation.pdf 303KB Download
AN 069 Dell M1000e Chassis Airflow (PDF) AN_069_Dell_Chassis_Airflow_v1_1.pdf 132KB Download
AN 070 Updating the blade BIOS (PDF) AN_070_Updating_the_blade_BIOS_v2_2.pdf 327KB Download
AN 071 Graphics Driver Updates for AMD E6760 GPU (PDF) AN_071_Graphics_Driver_Updates_for_AMD_E6760_GPU_v1_1.pdf 311KB Download
AN 072 VBIOS Updates for AMD E6760 GPU (PDF) AN_072_VBIOS_Updates_for_AMD_E6760_GPU_v1_3.pdf 96KB Download
AN 073 WinSAT Test Fails on Windows 7 (PDF) AN_073_WinSAT_Test_Fails_on_Windows_7_v1_0.pdf 78KB Download
AN 074 NVIDIA VBIOS Fix for Aydin Monitors (PDF) AN_074_Nvidia_VBIOS_Fix_for_Aydin_Monitors_v1_1.pdf 86KB Download
AN 076 Eight monitor PCoIP performance issues (PDF) AN_076__Eight_monitor_PCoIP_performance_issues_v1_3.pdf 138KB Download
AN 078 Event logs on PCoIP hosts and zero clients v1.3 May 2020 (PDF) AN_078_Event_logs_on_PCoIP_hosts_and_zero_clients.pdf 508KB Download
AN 079 Updating the DXMA with Ivy Bridge-compatible firmware (PDF) AN_079_Updating_DXM-A_with_Ivy_Bridge_compatible_firmware_1_3.pdf 168KB Download
AN 080 Installing a DXM-A card in a 12G blade (PDF) AN_080_Installing_a_DXM-A_offload_card_v1_6.pdf 624KB Download
AN 081 Bridging USB devices on a PCoIP zero client (PDF) AN_081_Bridging_USB_devices_on_a_PCoIP_zero_client_v1_2.pdf 339KB Download
AN 084 PCI devices on DXM420 blades (PDF) AN_084_PCI_devices_on_DXM420_blades_v2_1.pdf 102KB Download
AN 085 Adjusting the fan speed for the AMD S4000X GPU (PDF) AN_085_Adjusting_the_fan_speed_for_the_AMD_S4000X_GPU_v1_1.pdf 111KB Download
AN 087 DXZ4 Support for Bloomberg Keyboard 4 (STB100) (PDF) AN_087_DXZ4_Support_for_STB100_v1_2.pdf 216KB Download
AN 090 Collecting performance data on Windows 7 systems (PDF) AN_090_Collecting_performance_data_on_Windows_7_systems_v1_1.pdf 706KB Download
AN 091 Re-enabling FlexAddress after updating Broadcom firmware (PDF) AN_091_Re-enabling_FlexAddress_after_updating_Broadcom_firmware_v1_1.pdf 1222KB Download
AN 093 VBIOS update to latest supported version (PDF) AN_093_VBIOS_update_to_latest_supported_version_v1_0.pdf 569KB Download
AN 096 BSM firmware updates for PCoIP mezzanine host cards (PDF) AN_096_BSM_firmware_updates_for_mezz_cards.pdf 406KB Download
AN 098 USB devices supported by DXiP-2 and DXT-iP (PDF) AN_098_USB_devices_supported_by_DXiP-2_and_DXT-iP_v1_0.pdf 108KB Download
AN 099 Blank display when imaging DXM630 blades (PDF) AN_099_Blank_display_when_imaging_DXM630_blades_v1_2.pdf 447KB Download
AN 144 (KBA 144) Disable temporal dithering on Windows (PDF) AN_144_KBA_144-Disable_temporal_dithering_on_Windows_May_2018.pdf 787KB Download

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